Social Performance
From senior management in the head office to Community Service Officers (loan officers) in the field, Satin as an organization is committed to not only financial performance but social performance as well. We firmly believe that the achievement of social and financial goals is not mutually exclusive and instead these goals should enhance one another. Social performance can be measured on both the borrower and organizational level. On the borrower side, we believe that better social performance comes through a focus on transparency, product delivery, borrower satisfaction, our ability to increase borrower’s disposable incomes, focus on credit-plus activities in education, healthcare, and women’s empowerment, and ultimately greater outreach. On the organizational side, we believe that better social performance comes through a focus on high levels of process transparency, appropriate grievance mechanisms, open lines of communication, and staff satisfaction.

A few excerpts of Satin’s Social Impact:

Outreach :
Satin reached over 2,51,000 clients by March 2011.
Social and Environmental Policy:
Satin’s commitments regarding the environmental and social dimensions of sustainable development. This policy includes IFC’s Exclusion List which defines the types of projects that it will not finance considering environmental hazards.
Higher Incomes :
We have helped to increase living standards as borrowers are able to obtain higher prices for their products. This is specifically tru with regards to dairy products and since nearly 50% of Satin borrowers use their loans towards the purchase of buffalos, we are having a significant impact on their incomes.
Financial Literacy and Training :
We teach every Satin client how to write their name in Hindi. Our five-day CGT process provides basic financial literacy training.
Women’s Empowerment :
We have witnessed women's empowerment as they earn more respect from their family members.
Sparsh- A Mechanism for Clients' Grievance Redressal :
We have a mechanism - named SPARSH - for redressing our clients' grievances where clients can register their complaints and give suggestions through a telephone call. Our emphasis is on providing quick and apt redressal to clients' complaints.
Atoot Bandhan - A help-desk for our Employee :
This is an initiative to provide a formal platform to our employees where they can share their problems and grievances related to Satin. This help desk ensures that the employee grievances are given effective responses and redressal within 24 hours of their call.
Client Protection Principles :
Satin endorsed Smart Campaign for Client Protection Principles on December 2, 2010 and is very keen on effectively implementing each of the 6 principles in its operation.
Social Performance Assessment :
EDA Rural System ( a leading development sector consultancy, research and capacity building organization, conducted an assessment for Satin to measure the organization's social impact and devise a plan for better integrating measurable social performance in the future.
Social Performance Standard Reporting on MIX :
Satin reports to MIX for its Social Performance Standard which is published on MIX Market's website.
Pamphlet/Poster Activity :
We provide informational pamphlets/posters to the loan officers who deliver it to the clients during the regular center meetings. The pamphlets/posters aim at creating awareness among clients and employees regarding social, environmental, health and safety issues.
Client : Himanshu Aggarwal
Branch : Loni
Division : Ghaziabad
After hearing about Satin from other borrowers, she took a loan of Rs 10,000 from Satin. She used the loan to purchase a cow to produce milk which would increase the income of her family so that they could improve their situation and meet their basic life needs. She started earning Rs 4,000 per month from her milk business and has already repaid 17 installments of her loan.
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