Income Generating Loan (IGL)
Loan Term

<= INR 15,000/- Loan for 12 months and above

>=INR 15,000/- Loan for minimum of 24 months

Finance Amount

<= INR 35,000/- in the first cycle (Maximum Indebtnes/borrower in 1st cycle)

<= INR 50,000/- in the subsequent cycles (Maximum Indebtness/borrower in 2nd cycle and above)

Interest Rate <= 26%
Repayment Policy Weekly/ Fortnightly / Monthly as per borrower's choice
Loan processing Fees 1% of the finance amount plus applicable tax
Client : Meena
Branch : Gulaothi
Village : Bhamara
he borrowed Rs. 10,000 from satin to buy a buffalo. She started selling the milk and is earning additional income for the family. The additional income helped her to prepare for her daughter’s wedding in June 2009.She says, “In case of urgent need of money I don’t have to go door to door in the village anymore and at times pay high interest rates. Satin is helping me to lead an independent life.”
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